There has been plenty of talk about Ubisoft’s Snowdrop Engine since GDC 2014. Even talk going as far as to say it can even rival that of Dice’s Frostbite 3 Engine. Joystiq got with the developers at Massive Entertainment to talk about how the game The Division and it’s engine is being built. The interesting bit about this engine is that development between game and engine never go “Offline”. This meaning that as the engine gets updated it is immediately accessible in a build version of the game. This allows the development team or testers to immediately test any changes to the build of the game.

Massive’s Rodrigo Cortes had this to say in the interview with Joystiq, “Every week we have playtests and we play the game. Whatever version it is or whatever we change, there’s always a running version. The game never goes offline.”

This is good news to hear from such a big game in development. Being able to immediately test anything they add to the game is a very crucial part of a game’s development. It will certainly quicken any sort of debugging process the development team has, and hopefully makes for a much better MMO Shooter.


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