The latest trailer for the Square-Enix published Thief title provides an informative look at the game’s world, as well as the characters that will inhabit it.

The near 7-minute video details Garrett’s role in Thief as he deals with the loss of his protoge and memory. Unlike other games that feature the stealth/action gameplay formula Garrett is not a hero, nor does he care about the politics taking place in the City he has become a wanted in. He only cares about the next big score and robbing the City’s elite of their most precious items.

The video below also showcases the open nature of the missions that will be present in Thief, and promises that nothing in the game’s levels will be off limits. Players will have to plan their heists accordingly to pull of a master theft en route to discovering more about Garrett’s past.

Thief truly is shaping up to be a very open ended title that looks great on the next-gen consoles. If you enjoyed Dishonored, or have played the previous Thief games, you should most definitely plan on adding Thief to your 2014 to do list.

Thief releases on February 25th in the US, and on February 28th in the EU. It will be available for PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and the Xbox 360.

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