When playing any fighting game we know that there are plenty of variables that make up it’s combo system. Is the opponent guarding? How much recovery time do I have on this move? How many frames does it take for this move to finish? Safe on block or not? Many questions and mind games are played in fighting games leaving one to wonder how does a prototype of said game come about?

Fortunately David Verfaillie of Double Helix Games, the developers behind Killer Instinct, put out a tweet letting us take a look at an early design of the combo system in Killer Instinct.

For those that don’t know Killer Instinct has this basic combo flow in the game. You start with an opener, to auto double, linker, auto double, then finish with an ender. The ender banks all the potential damage and takes it away from the character on the receiving end. The cards in the image David posted show the type of move the card represents and the amount of damage it does, additional some cards have mechanics on the bottom of each to further explain how the damage will be calculated. Pretty cool to see how this simple to understand, yet complex to master combo system began!


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