CES has begun and with it the news of an exciting, new future of gaming.  Of course nothing says the “future of gaming” quite like virtual reality.

So far Oculus Rift has been the biggest name making the virtual a reality to gaming.   But now another company has partnered with them in the hopes of riding the wave to the future.  This time around it’s YEI Technology, and they plan to add their own hardware into the mix.

Yei Technology has developed a full-body tracking suit that will be paired with the Oculus Rift headset.  The suit, named the PrioVR, will function as a string of sensors strapped on the player’s body.  It contains sensors for the head, elbows and wrist, and can be expanded to include shoulders, waist and leg movements.

The idea is that this suit would allow players to control the motions of an entire character with their own.  The way Paul Yost, YEI’s chief of R&D puts in, “That allows you to drop on the ground, roll around, shoot under your leg, curl up into a ball.”

Yost continued, “We have this collection of inertial sensors that combines with a software that ties all that together, into this skeletal model.  All that happens on the system itself, so there’s no computational load on the PC other than the communication.”

The suit will also contain API plug-ins which will be compatible will all major gaming engines.  Yost hopes that this would allow major developers to include support for the suit into any software will little to no difficulty.

While the company launched a KickStarter page last year, they sadly fell short of their $225,000.  Yost says it wasn’t a total loss however, stating that they “learned from the gaming community, who are brutally honest, what they expected to see and what they wanted.”

Armed with that knowledge, YEI Technology plans to relaunch another Kickstarter campaign on February 14th.  They plan to have a more fleshed out demo of the suit, as well as a lower goal of under $100,000 this time around.

The estimated price for the PrioVR suit will be around $400 for the full body suit, and $250 for the half body version.


Source: Cnet   Image Source: YEI Technolgy

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