With Titanfall’s alpha test in effect right now to a small number of lucky people, fans who are wanting to get hands on are asking “What about an open beta?”

Respawn Entertainment community manager, Abbie Heppe, tweeted a fan that there is a possibility that there will be an open beta.

While Respawn kept it’s alpha phase to a small number of participants for testing purposes, the chance to stress test the servers will come with having a larger group of people playing the game, and with the server issues EA had with Battlefield 4 it would be wise to make sure the serves can handle the load. Respawn, however, seems certain that they will not have connectivity issues as they guaranteed connectivity in an interview last week through the use of Xbox Live Cloud support.

Respawn has not confirmed or announced an open beta for the game quite yet but with the alpha phase of testing coming to a close and a release date in two months an open beta phase would have to happen soon. We will keep you updated!

Titanfall is scheduled to release on March 11 in North America for Xobx 360 and Xbox One.


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