Zombie Studios  has released a new trailer for psychological horror game Daylight, advising players to not look back. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, the first person title places players in control of a woman who regains consciousness in an abandoned asylum – Mid Island Hospital. With a cellphone acting as your only light source, players will explore the facility for clues.

“You don’t have combat. You don’t have a gun. You don’t have anything. You literally have to run away when a Phantom is attacking you, and those things are really interesting. The phone itself has multiple features. It’s kind of like a character,” said creative director Jared Gerritzen in an interview with IGN last year.” It’ll get possessed occasionally and play recordings and stuff like that. And when a Phantom’s around it’ll start to glitch out because it’s just like a psychic ability. And hopefully you won’t get lost, but if you do, you can flip [the phone] to a different mode that doesn’t put out as much light. It puts out a UV light that lets you actually see your footprints, so if I get lost I’ve got essentially bread crumbs that I can follow back.”

The publisher promises that the game’s randomly generated levels will “ensure that no door, hallway, life-saving flare, or clues to the main character’s past are ever in the same place twice.” Daylight will release in 2014 for the PC and PlayStation 4 platforms.


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