Sony has revealed what games we can expect to see on the PlayStation Plus service in North America for the month of February, and it looks to be a good month for subscribers.

playstation plus february

On the PlayStation 4, subscribers can expect to see the indie-horror game Outlast, which has been highly praised since its fall release on the PC. We already knew this title was on its way to the subscription service as developer Red Barrels announced so last week.

The PlayStation 3 players can check out the post-apocalyptic Moscow in Metro: Last Light, gather with friends and rob banks and stores in Payday 2 as well as travel to Neo-Paris in Capcom’s platformer/brawler Remember Me.

On the PlayStation Vita side of things, gamers will receive ModNation Racers: Road Trip and Street Fighter X Tekken.

We haven’t received any word yet on the dates each of these games will find their way onto the PS+ section of the PS Store, nor do we know which games will be disappearing in February.

You can check out Gamer Assault Weekly’s review for Metro: Last Light here. Below, you can watch the official preview trailer for February’s lineup of games:


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