A new update for Xbox One title, Dead Rising 3, has been released and if you’re planning on taking on some zombies you might want to start that update soon because it may take a while to download.

The recent update is a massive 13GB download that is part of four planned updates for the game and it seems to be preparing for the first DLC for the game called Operation Broken Eagle. Some gamers, however, are a bit concerned about the file size and space on their hard-drives. Official patch notes for this update have not been released by Capcom or Microsoft.

According to executive producer Josh Bridge the update will add Impulse Trigger support.  “We use them as an indicator that, say, your gun is about to run out of ammo,” said Bridge. “So, as you start to near the end of the clip, that right trigger will start buzzing to make you aware that it’s about to run out.

“We did that across weapons as well as vehicles. If for some reason you can’t tell from the smoke and flames coming out of your vehicle, you’ll also be given that haptic feedback in case you don’t have time to look at the HUD or whatever. You can really feel more connected to the experience so as not to pull you out of the immersion.”

In addition the update will address issues with food and weapons being unable to be picked up.

Bridge adds,  “We’ve been actively engaging and monitoring fan reaction and feedback on the game and it’s really important that even though we’ve shipped the game and got it out to gamers, we want to make sure it’s a fun experience and nothing’s getting in their way. After release and through the holidays, we’ve been putting together a large update list. It’s in reaction to everything we could find and we’ve actually been directly reaching out to fans who’ve encountered issues. I think that’s really neat, because it’s an indication of how game development has changed. We have a direct connection through social channels now. There’s an ease of access for us to listen to our fans and reach out to them.

“It’s not just about making a game and getting it out to them, it’s about making sure they’re still having a lot of fun even after it’s out.”


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