Blizzard’s new MOBA Heroes Of The Storm is changing the way that we think of how a MOBA is played. Before generally one player is the star of the match, or the last hit on an enemy unit rewards that player with more gold and xp. Most MOBAs have the possibility of a player who perhaps isn’t as good as the others on his team and falls behind in levels, strength, equipment, or even skills causing a weakness in the team. With Heroes Of The Storm its an entire team effort and everyone will benefit from it.

Blizzard is of course the company that brought to us WarCraft III, which in turn brought about DOTA. The company isn’t new to the whole MOBA idea. The idea behind Heroes Of The Storm is that each player has a meaningful role in the match. Blizzard has removed earning gold to purchase more powerful items, individual power levels, and hunting specific neutral enemies. 

The new idea behind this form of MOBA is to make no player fall behind on their team. XP is now given to the team as a whole creating a team level. Heroes Of The Swarm gives players dynamic objectives to complete on the map, something to help create an imbalance between the two opposing forces to gain an advantage for one team over the other. An example was one map required players to find treasure to pay off a pirate located at the center of the map, when paid off the pirate aims his cannons at the opposing team. Teams won’t be able to sneak in these advantages without alerting the enemy team. Heroes intends to send alerts to the enemy team so as they can respond in a way they see fit.

Just like other games of it’s genre, Heroes Of The Swarm will be free to play with purchasable costumes and skins. A large roster of Blizzard characters will be available to play, each with a recommended skill determining the difficulty of playing the character. Also an account wide leveling system will be in place to steadily unlock characters, Blizzard hopes to utilize this as a way to gate the difficulty of play and better match players of same skill level.

Simplifying the MOBA might not be a bad idea and can create some interesting matchups when players can easily understand what they’re doing. It might even break that intimidating barrier for new MOBA players to perhaps become fans of the genre. Here’s to looking forward to Heroes Of The Storm!


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