By now I’m sure most of you have heard about the NES cartridge of Nintendo World Championships that was posted on eBay. What you may not know is the ridiculous price that it reached by the time the auction ended. The winning bid ended up being $99,902.

Insane, right? Well, it turns out that quite a few of the bidders were trolls who continued to bid up the item. The winning bidder also does not intend to pay for the item, either.

This particular game does have a history of insanely high selling prices, but not of this magnitude. In 2011, a better looking cartridge of this same game sold for $11,000.

It is a very rare game, of which only 116 copies were made and distributed in 1990. It is a prized possession for any game collector. But, of course, once again trolls have to ruin everybody’s fun.


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