To say Minecraft is a popular game would be an understatement.  Most recently the title has sold 10 million copies on the Xbox 360 alone.  However, the game was limited to only PC and Xbox consoles, leaving PlayStation owners out.

Luckily, Sony fans that have been unable to play the game won’t have to wait much longer.  On a recent post via PlayStation’s blog, Owen from Mojag announced that the popular sandbox game would be coming to the PlayStation 3 this week, on December 13.

The PlayStation 3 edition of Minecraft will be identical to the one currently on Xbox 360, and as such will feature all content currently available for the console.  Owen also stated that the games would be developed in tandem, so they would both be seeing simultaneous updates.

The PlayStation 3 version would will also include downloadable skin and texture packs, available on the PlayStation store shortly after launch.  No exclusive Sony skins have been announced however.

Currently the release is limited to the PlayStation 3, and there is no word on remote play or compatibility with the Vita or PlayStation 4 consoles.  Owen’s only comment was “We’ll let you know as soon as we do.”

Check out the PlayStation 3 trailer below:


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