Microsoft and Crytek have announced a free game update for Ryse: Son of Rome. The update will expand it’s Gladiator Mode and will add two new level events. The new events will occur randomly, first a new enemy turret will appear and challenge your Gladiator with arrows until you destroy it. The second is a Reward Statue of Roman deities that will be activated as a one-time bonus which will boost health or focus for your Gladiator.

The first add-on, the Colosseum Pack, is currently available as well for only $3.99 via the Xbox Live Marketplace and it adds two character skins and new arenas for your battles.

The new arena Henge sends your Gladiator on a hunt for an ancient forest shrine while battling hordes of barbarians. In Ascension Gladiators have to work through burning embers of Hades’ lair to reach the surface world. Additionally you will get two skins with the Colosseum pack, Comodus and Centurion.


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