If you were one of the many people thoroughly impressed with the E3 Demo of Tom Clancy’s The Division, and then your jaw fell to the floor with the Snow Drop Engine showcase, you may have been begging for more details on this new take on MMO Shooter. After a recent interview with The Division‘s Lead Game Designer Mathias Karlson, and Design Director Axel Rydby we get a little more insight on the game’s world and vision.

The interviewer asked questions as to the state of affairs when it came to the New York setting that The Division takes place in. The city isn’t in an apocalyptic state, but rather in a crisis situation. While info on the pandemic that is effecting the city hasn’t been fully explained as of yet, supplies and provisions aren’t exactly easy to come by either. Players will need to scavenge for food and water, not necessarily for your character to live, but these are going to be things of importance for the player.

When your character begins the game he/she will have very basic equipment and provisions that will really only last for 72 hours. As the game is more of an RPG, loot and gear are of course important and are made to feel precious. The better the gear the more difficult it is to find. Players will quite literally have to hunt for equipment throughout the city. There is also resource management to be maintained, using these resources to help make your tools and equipment more effective. Trading will also be necessary in the game, heading towards more of a black market system rather than walking up to a shop making a purchase. Resources are scarce and necessary for survival, so are the bullets, so no easily accessible ammo crates lying around.

The game is going for the classless structure of RPG; rather your choices on how you want to play will determine how your character grows. The decisions you make in the skill tree will help you grow easily into your role. With that in mind there is a large focus on communication for co-op play. While no concrete details were given on what they had in mind it was simply stated that great care is going to be taken when it comes to communication due to its importance.

The Division will feature plenty of exploration, and stays true to the New York environment. Karlson confirmed both a day and night cycle, and even some form of dynamic weather. Players will be able to explore both indoor and outdoor areas of the New York environment. Karlson also alluded to how useful the verticality of the city would be as well, creating set pieces and clear lines of sight. Vehicles aren’t confirmed at this time Rydby had simply put it like this, “In a crisis situation where you have limited fuel would you use it to utilize it for your survival needs or to fuel a car?”

The Division is shooting for a Winter 2014 window and will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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