For anyone that did not get a chance to pick up one of the 4 million copies sold of Pokemon X and Y, they’re in luck.  Nintendo announced that they would be releasing two hardware bundles this weekend with the game.

Fans interested will be able to pick up either a blue or a red 2DS system bundled with Pokemon X and Y.  The 2DS is a slimmed down version of Nintendo’s most current handheld.  The 2DS allows gamers to play 3DS games, albeit without the 3D.  The system also features two screens, but takes a more tablet like approach and forgoes the original hinges.

The red bundle will be available at Target, and will come with Pokemon Y pre-loaded.  Players interested in Pokemon X, which comes pre-loaded with the blue bundle can pick theirs up at Toys R Us.  Both bundles will retail for $149, and come in limited supply.

The bundles will release this weekend, starting Friday December 6.


Source: Polygon.

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