The one thing gamers love more than Steam is the Steam Sales.  With their recent Halloween promotion recently finished, wallets are already lining up for the next round of Steam discounts.

These sale dates are usually a mystery until the day of or shortly before hand.  However, it looks like the sale dates might have been leaked this time around.

The Steam Autumn Sale will  go start on Wednesday, November 27th and carry on through Tuesday Dec 3rd.  Shortly after, the Holiday Sale will begin and run from December 9th, until January 2nd.  In a recent Reddit post by several different users, an image appeared of a developer email sent out by steam specifying the dates:

Steam leak

Nothing says “confidential” and “please DO NOT make the dates of the Sales public” like a screen-cap of an email hosted on Imgur.  No specifics were given on which games will be included aside from those mentioned in the email.

It is specified that because both sales occur so closely to each other, games will maintain the same discount prices throughout.  So there is no need to hold out for an even better deal down the line.  Now it’s just a matter of our wallets bracing for the abuse that is Steam Sales.


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