Nvidia has announced that they will be releasing a Beta version of their streaming/video capture software called ShadowPlay. ShadowPlay will allow users to both capture gameplay video at 60fps and 1080p and stream gameplay to services like TwitchTV at 720p. The service will be free and will come with the GeForce Experience 1.7 download.

When ShadowPlay is activated, it will automatically record the last 10-20 minutes of gameplay, but it will not generate a video unless you want it to. You also have the ability to start and stop recording whenever you want by switching ShadowPlay to Manual mode. This way you can record full gaming sessions to be exported in an MP4 format.

ShadowPlay will only work with newer GeForce video cards, the GTX 600 series and higher, because the newer cards are the only ones equipped with the H.264 video encoder that is needed to accomplish the streaming and video capture. Most people familiar with streaming and video recording are probably wondering what the performance loss will be once you enter ShadowPlay mode. Usually these types of services put significant stress on your computer hardware, which could cause in game frame rate drops and video lag issues, but veteran streamers will be happy to hear that the expected performance hit is only around 5 to 10 percent.

Nvidia has released a video showing off how ShadowPlay works and also shows some of the features mentioned in this article. You can see the video with all of the ShadowPlay features below.

Source: Polygon

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