Transistor, the newest title from the makers of  the indie hit Bastion, will be a tale that will leave players haunted by its setting and emotional story.


The story’s hero, a songstress named Red, has the most important thing in her life taken from her; her voice.  Those responsible, a group called The Process, now want her dead. While Red is devastated by the loss of  her voice, she is still alive and that is more than can be said for the other important voices in the cyberpunk city that the game is set. Transistor is a game about the world being stripped of its voice, but even with an absence of vocals, the game is still able to convey a wealth of emotion.

The demo shown at PAX  put the game’s emotional depth on display, the depth that was conveyed not through the use of the dialogue but music.  One of the shining examples is when Red finds a sentient Transistor after escaping an attempt on her life. Digital notes in the background played, mimicking the pace of what would be Red’s panicked breathing. This conveyed her emotions, her panic, confusion and fear.  The demo proceeded and gave way to much more relaxing guitar loop as Red continued to face the forces of The Process. A pause in combat to bring up series of attacks uncovered an interesting surprise, while this mode was activated certain notes were replaced by the very voice Red had lost.

The frustration of her trying to sing but not being able to was gut wrenching. However, the most powerful moment was when Red found a promotional poster for the concert where she escaped the attempt on her life. Mournful and sorrow in tone at first, this was the exact moment were the music erupted with angry vocals as Red leaps back in the fray with a renewed spirit and purpose.


Transistor is set to release 2014  for PC and Playstation 4.

Source: GamesRadar

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