At this years Gamescom, Sony announced their plans implement an upgrade program for their games.   The idea was to give players a chance to pick up the games they wanted for the current PlayStation 3 system and then have them do a hassle free upgrade to the corresponding PlayStation 4 version.

While details were scarce, all Sony commented was that the individual publishers would have the final say on how much the upgrade would cost.  But a recent post on Sony’s blog details how the transaction would work.

For players that purchase a supported game in the upgrade program, they will get a promotional code inside the game case.  The code will then need to be redeemed via the PlayStation Network which will allow users to download the PlayStation 4 version of the same title for only $9.99 once it is released.

Players will need to have the PlayStation 3 disc in their PS4’s in order to play the games if they originally purchased a hard copy.  However, those that bought their PlayStation 3 games digitally will not need to do so.  Players can also redeem the code on the PlayStation 3’s via the network instead of waiting for the PlayStation 4.

The program is a limited time promotion, so the codes will have to be redeemed by a specific date depending on the game:

  • Jan 31- Assassin’s Creed IV, Watchdogs
  • March 28- Battlefield 4
  • March 31- Call of Duty: Ghosts


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