AMD  just recently revealed something new called Mantle. It is an API that  makes it easier for  developers to gain access to graphics hardware. This new api is something that former id Software Founder and Oculus Rift VR CTO  John Carmack  says  Sony and Microsoft could be “downright hostile”  towards, according to a recent tweet.

The core idea behind Mantle is to give developers low-level access to AMD’s  Graphics Core Next Architecture, thus easing the process of optimization for the company’s  Graphics Processing Unit. The advantage theoretically here is that as opposed to high level API’s like  Open GL and others that allow for broad optimization over a broad  area of GPU hardware. This new API will allow developers  to customize their products specifically for AMD  Hardware.

Add this on top of the news  from Valve that they will be collaborating with multiple partners to create hardware  running the Linux based SteamOS. This move may offer developers the optimization  that can only be found on console locked hardware.

“Considering the boost Mantle could give to a steambox, MS and Sony may wind up being downright hostile to it,”   Carmack wrote,  later he tweeted that he did know “the details”  but  “it is pitched as a console level hardware access for the PC from AMD.”


Source: Polygon 


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