Many were a little confused at Sony’s decision to delay the launch of the PlayStation 4.  Slated to release on February 22, 2014, Japan won’t be getting their hands on the PS4 until months after North America.   The confusion spread even more when Sony announced instead that it would be releasing new Vita hardware and a new Vita TV exclusively in Japan before then.

Not one to let the world assume the worst, SCE Worldwide Studio President Shuhei Yoshida stepped up to clarify.  In an interview with Japanese website 4gamers, Yoshida gave a pretty detailed plan behind the company’s decision to delay the console.

One of the first things that Yoshida was quick to point out is the difference in Western and Eastern gaming markets.  He commented on how systems like the PlayStation 3 saw a rapid spread in the west, whereas handheld sales far preceded those of stationary consoles in Japan.

Another contributing factor is a lack of games.  Yoshida states that the PlayStation 4’s success in Japan is heavily dependent on having a strong lineup of Japanese titles.  These include games like Yakuza: Ishin, Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends and the beta launch for Final Fantasy XIV: A Real Reborn.  Yoshida states that he hopes to have somewhere along 19 first and third-party titles ready for the February release in Japan.

As a whole, these factors also contributed to the decision to make the new Vita hardware and Vita TV launch exclusively in Japan.  Yoshida pitches the Vita TV as a “perfect introductory machine for those that can’t or don’t want to buy a PS4 yet, but want a console that offers games and video services at the same time.”

With such different focuses between eastern and western markets, Yoshida hopes that they will be able to influence each other.  In the end despite several contributing factors leading the the delay, Japan still remains a key market for Sony.

Source:  Dualshockers, 4Gamers

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