The next DLC for Metro: Last Light has been given a release date. The Metro: Last Light Developer’s Pack DLC is set to launch in North America for $3.99 on September 17th on PSN, Xbox Live and PC, and on September 18th for everybody else.

The DLC is based on the testing level that was used to experiment different weaponry and AI during the development of Metro: Last Light. Players will be able to experiment with every weapon, as well as a new one included in the DLC, along with matching the AI against each other. Als0 included with the testing area will also include a solo mission where players attempt to escape a spider-infested missile silo.

“The Spider’s Lair is pure survival, Metro style,” 4A Games says. “It combines all of our limited resource mechanics to pile pressure on the player. You’ll be frantically wiping gore from your cracked mask, and hunting for spare filters as your oxygen tank ticks relentlessly down.”

Source: IGN

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