Design director and co-creator of both the Halo and Destiny franchises Joseph Staten has decided to leave Bungie after fifteen years of employment with the studio or pursue new and creative challenges.

Staten announced his departure with the studio on the developer’s official website. The longtime creative director voiced the Halo series grunts, authored Halo: Contact Harvest, and more recently as the highly anticipated open-world shooter Destiny‘s design director.

Dear community friends,

After fifteen great years at Bungie, from the battlefields of Myth to the mysteries of Halo and beyond, I’m leaving to tackle new creative challenges. While this may come as a surprise, fear not. It’s been my pleasure building Destiny these past four years, and after the big reveal this Summer, our hugely talented team is on track for greatness. I’ll be cheering all of them, with all of you, when the game launches next year. Thank you for your support of me, and your continued support of Bungie. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Per Audacia Ad Astra!

Both Staten and Bungie also assured the community that his departure would have no effect on Destiny.

Staten gave the gaming world one of it’s biggest and most important series with Halo and could possibly deliver a second hit with Destiny. The entire Gamer Assault staff wishes you the best and can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

Source: Polygon Image Source: PC World

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