China’s State Council announced that companies will be able to start selling video game consoles, lifting their 13 year ban on console sales.  The process however, will still require individual companies to have their consoles approved by China’s Ministry of Culture.

China has held a “ban” on the sale of consoles since 2000, under claims that games cause irreparable harm to children and teen.  The term “ban” is used loosely since the ban was never meant to regulate console’s specifically.  An article posted by Engadget back in January gives us a little more insight on the regulation.

The original limitations were aimed more towards “safety requirements, opening hours and restrictions of video arcades, as well as what types of content are forbidden on the then-remaining arcade machines.”   The limitations were put in place as a result of the rising popularity of arcades and internet cafes, in an attempted to curb gaming addictions and foster healthier environments for gamers.

China black market

Ah yes, the Ireadygo. Black Market at its finest.

It is important to note however, that the ban on arcades and gaming console’s has not been officially enforced since 2009.  Any readers interested can check out the Ministry of Culture’s website for relevant information.  China’s black market has also been another popular avenue to circumvent China’s regulations on systems.

The lift on the ban simply means that companies like Sony and Microsoft will now be able to release console’s in China without being subject to the strict regulations and limitations that they were once held to.  This in turn means that another huge potential market has opened up for several companies concerned with hardware sales.

The decision comes in part as a result of a broader set of rules being instituted as part of the free-trade zone in Shanghai.  Keep in mind, that these changes will take place during the span of three years, so it could be a while before it is fully implemented.  Despite the limitations having been in place for nearly 13 years, several house holds still found ways around it.


Source:  Cnet

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