Adult Swim seems to be on a roll (no pun intended) with the release of its newest game Giant Boulder of Death.  This joins the ranks of games like Robot Unicorn Attack 2, by studio PikPok, and Amateur Surgeon 3 by Mediatonic.  All three games have managed to grab the #1 spot on the iOS platform.

Jeff Olsen, Vice President of Adult Swim Digital Games explains their strategy for success.  “Our strategy is to find the most talented mobile-game developers in the world and give them the freedom to do their best work,” said Olsen. “We are extremely proud that companies like PikPok and Mediatonic want to work with us, and that our games are finding such a huge audience.”

But Adult Swim’s success isn’t limited to just the mobile platform.  Adult Swim broke into the Steam market this year with three releases, and has an additional three more coming out by the end of the year.

Among these is Volgarr The Viking, releasing this Friday September 13th.  Volgarr the Viking follows in the tradition of skill-based action platformer games of yore.  Volgarr made a big impression at PAX this year and has garnered a lot of attention since reaching its Kickstarter goal.

Overall it’s good to see Adult Swim giving indie developers a chance to shine.

Image Source: GeekNews

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