Irrational has announced a new sweepstakes, giving Bioshock Infinite players a chance to have their names immortalized in the second episode of the story driven DLC Burial at Sea. Three winners, chosen at random, will receive a high resolution screenshot of their location and directions on where to find their name’s once available.

To be eligible, all gamers must do is download the arena-style Clash in the Clouds (recently released Infinite DLC), make their way through each level and complete all sixty blue ribbon challenges. After fully finishing and hearing the familiar achievement unlock beep, a player’s name is listed on the leaderboards and automatically entered into the contest. All ready beat Clash? Don’t worry, all current progress counts towards the sweepstakes.

The Blue Ribbon Sweepstakes runs through August 27th.

For the full list of sweepstakes details and rules, visit here.

Source: Irrational Image Source: Neogaf

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