Frictional Games’ release of Amnesia hit the PC world by storm, providing one of the most terrifying horror games of the genre.  Not one to give gamers time to change their pants, the release of its spiritual sequel A Machine for Pigs is set to release on September 10th.

Players can pre-order the game through GoG and receive 20% the price of the game for a total of $15.99.  A machine for pigs will take place 60 years after the original Amnesia and focus a business magnate who returns to London a mysterious tragedy abroad.

Players can check out some screenshots and teasers for A Machine for Pigs on their website here.  In the meantime, enjoy an excerpt from the story:

“Cold sweat running down my back, I sit wide awake in my bed. Before the fever is back, I have a moment of clarity to reflect upon my dreams. The noise of the machine that haunts them still sounds in my head. The visions of infernal machinery are driving me insane, never revealing the installations whole form nor purpose. All I’m certain about is my fear. The cold sting of its needle pierces right through my heart. The world feels more and more like a small cardboard box, and its walls are getting closer, and closer. Finally, they will close on me and trap me inside, like in a little coffin. Even though the window is open, and the cold, damp air of the London night extends its tendrils down my lungs, I don’t feel that I can breathe freely as the fear consumes me. I can hear that infernal engine again. Strange, I could’ve sworn I’m not asleep anymore.”

Source:  Joystiq Image Source: Game Siders

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