The Walking Dead: 400 Days doesn’t release for the Xbox 360 until Friday but the achievements have been released and are already up for those who wish to see them. The Walking Dead: 400 Days released on PlayStation 3 yesterday in North America and it will be available later today on the PC.  Here is the full list below:

  • Chain Gang: Completed Vince’s Chapter. (10G)
  • Abandoner: Completed Wyatt’s Chapter. (10G)
  • Friends Like These: Completed Russell’s Chapter. (10G)
  • Who Goes There?: Completed Bonnie’s Chapter. (10G)
  • Paradise Lost: Completed Shel’s Chapter. (10G)
  • Loose Ends: Completed the Epilogue. (25G)
  • Two out of Three: Won a game of Rock/Paper/Scissors. (15G)
  • Reunited: Found an old friend. (10G)

Source: EGM

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