Sony has just revealed the bonuses you’ll receive for pre-ordering Killzone: Shadow Fall. The bundle of exclusives you’ll receive is called the Shadow Pack. In it, you’ll receive 3 exclusive skins for your OWL drone, a multiplayer spotlight move, and access to the official soundtrack of Shadow Fall.

As a Shadow Marshall, you’ll find yourself in many tough situations, and the OWL drone is there to help you out. Using the DualShock 4’s touch pad, you’ll be able to command the OWL to help you using its four primary functions. The OWL has a stun mode that can be used to stun enemies and disable electronics; there is an attack mode where the OWL will attack anyone that happens to be in range, or to target a specific enemy; the shield mode will create an energy shield in front of you; finally, there is a zipline mode which can be used to help you quickly move to lower levels of the map.

Make sure you head out and preorder Killzone: Shadow Fall, and while you’re waiting for the game, check out the gameplay video below to see the OWL in action.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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