Julie Larson-Green has been named the new head of the Devices and Studios Engineering Group at Microsoft. This is the group that oversees everything related to the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and all other physical products that Microsoft sells. Larson-Green’s previous position was head of Windows.

This is one of the moves that kicked of Microsoft’s massive restructuring effort, which will see new people taking leadership positions and other shifts in the corporate structure.

Another hire that will affect the gaming sphere at Microsoft is Terry Myerson. Myerson will now be running the Operating Systems Engineering Group, which is in charge of operating systems and cloud services for the Xbox consoles, as well as other Microsoft products. This is a very important hire considering that the new Xbox One sports 3 different operating systems that all work in conjunction with each other in order to provide the full Xbox One experience. Myerson’s previous position was vice president of Microsoft’s Windows Phone division.

Microsoft’s general strategy and approach to this restructuring was explained by CEO Steve Ballmer in this memo:

“A new structure to bring these to market faster. Stronger centralized services so we can be more efficient and effective. Priority focus areas, short and long term. New characteristics of how we work together. In other words, better execution and innovation through strategy and goal and discipline and engineering coherence. One Microsoft all the time.”

It will be interesting to see if any other hires will affect the Xbox or gaming divisions, but for now, it seems like the loss of Don Mattrick to Zynga has been addressed and all things Xbox related should be running smoothly.

Source: Official Xbox Magazine

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