League of Legends has been at the forefront of the MOBA community ever since its initial release back in October of 2009.  Since then Riot Games has added a constant string of updates for the community such as new characters, new skins, and new game modes such as dominion and more recently ARAM.  But like all good things, fans can never get enough.  Step into the community forums and you can see hundreds of threads with suggestions on what players would like, ranging from different game modes to new IP’s altogether.   But rarely do these ideas make it past the threads they are posted in.  That is, until the guys Instaburst stepped into the picture. They, like many others, had a fun idea.  User Mashumaro suggested “Dude, how cool would it be if there was a League of Legends fighting game?”

That’s all it took.  Since then, Instaburst has been working in secret to make that idea a reality.  They released a trailer earlier this month and have also gotten approval from Riot Games to distribute the game as long as it is not sold.  On Riot’s legal page it states “We’ll start with our golden rule – you can use League of Legends IP as the basis for a fan project that you’re giving away for free or that’s only generating ad revenue (we’ll refer to this type of free fan project as a “Project”), as long as you comply with the guidelines outlined below for using our IP (the “Guidelines”). As a matter of fact, as long as you comply with our Guidelines, we think it’s great if you create awesome, free and original content for League of Legends fans.”  Needless to say the game will be offered as a free download on PC.

That being said, Instaburst has hit the ground running and have garnered a lot of support for their project.  Despite turning the LoL into a 2d fighter, Instaburst wants to keep it as close to LoL as possible, saying  “The game’s mechanics are very similar to the LoL which makes for a really interesting fighting game. Each special attack has its own cooldown just like in the game! You can choose your own summoner spell when you select a character (we only show 3 in the trailer but we’re planning many more). We actually use Smash controls for the inputs for special attacks so it still feels good on anything from a keyboard to a stick.”

No release date has been given yet but expect plenty of updates in the coming months.  Check out the game trailer below!

Source: Instaburst,  Image Source:  Youtube

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