According to SEC filings, former Xbox CEO Don Mattrick, will receive upwards of $19 million in his first year as Zynga’s new CEO. Mattrick will receive a $5 million bonus, on top of a base salary of $1 million. He will also be receiving a 2013 bonus in the amount of $2 million. In addition to this, Mattrick will be receiving a $40 million stock-based compensation package over the next few years.

In order to compensate for the shares Mattrick lost when he left Microsoft, he will be receiving around 9 million in restricted stock units over the next three years with Zynga. Currently, the values of these shares are estimated at just over $30 million. At the end of his first year running Zynga, Mattrick will receive 45% of the restricted shares, which will be roughly $11.3 million, bringing the total of his first year salary, based on combined cash and stock, to roughly $19.3 million.

According the Reuters, Mattrick’s salary will begin to downsize over the following years. It is estimated in his second year at Zynga, Mattrick will receive around $14.3 million, with roughly $8.4 million following in his third year. Even though Zynga has had a rough year, Mattrick’s arrival brought a 5% share increase on Wednesday.

Source: Polygon

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