Gaming headset manufacturer Astro is seeking a development license to create ‘compatible peripherals’“Everybody got locked out of Xbox One,” Astro’s director of marketing Aron Drayer said. “For instance, the Madcatz guys make some great fighting sticks for the Xbox 360. Those aren’t going to work with your Xbox One. It’s the nature of moving from one platform to another.”

Voice chat on current Astro headsets will not work on the next generation console and the company will need to make Xbox One specific devices rather than universal ones, according to Drayer.

“Everybody is introducing new products, because the experience that Microsoft is developing on the Xbox One demands a different type of solution. We love what they are doing, and it’s super progressive, and we’re really excited to potentially partner with them.”

Perhaps Astro won’t have to worry about Xbox One specific development. According to the Xbox Support Twitter account the company has confirmed its working on an adapter making certain Xbox 360 headsets compatible with the Xbox One controller.

Earlier this week Microsoft revealed that no headset would ship with their next generation Xbox One, with the Kinect acting as the bundled headset.

Source(s): Polygon and EGM Now Image Source: Daily Steals

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