The Mobius was a trailer created for Metro: Last Light by Alexander Bereznyak, a.k.a. Monakh. He was originally employed by 4A Games as a capture artist. Eventually, it turned out that his talent was better suited for the production team, and he took over as lead technical artist. Over the following months, Monakh continued to work on this trailer on his own, and that trailer has been released to the public today.

The trailer personifies the game’s experience, and utter chaos that Artyom comes across throughout the Metro. The trailer shows a station overrun by Nosalises, with the residents trying to defend their home. There is a kitchen scene featuring an elderly lady throwing a pot of boiling water at a mutant, a man taking a knife to one, and yet another man holding a mutant over the stove.

Check out the Mobius trailer below, and make sure you check out Metro: Last Light!

Source: Metro YouTube Page

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