Capcom streamed some Lost Planet 3 Multiplayer on Xbox 360 on the 2nd day of E3 2013. The team playing the game on the stream showed off different maps and game types, and they did a good job of showing how the game differentiates itself from the slew of multiplayer shooters that are already on the market.

Traversing the environment via grappling hooks and cables seems like a lot of fun, and the combat looks very smooth. There are a few hiccups that could be addressed, like assassination animations, but overall the Lost Planet 3 multiplayer demo was very impressive.

Lost Planet 3 is set to release on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on August 27th.

You can see the whole Lost Planet 3 multiplayer stream below.

Watch live video from Capcom-Unity on TwitchTV

Video Source: Capcom Unity

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