The most recent episode of Conversations with the Creators from Sony featured the development team behind Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. During the video, Jean Guesdon, AC4’s creative director, and Sylvain Trottier, AC4’s associate producer, talk about the upside of working with Sony’s Playstation 4. They speak at length about the consoles pure power, which gives them the ability to add in small details and extra features that the current generation of consoles just can’t handle.

Trottier had this to say about the console, “The beauty of working with Sony honestly on this console for this generation was the fact that it was built for the game developers,” Trottier said. “And to be really honest, Sony fixed all the issues that could have been there on the console and right now I think it’s up to us; like we have a perfect jewel in our hand. It’s up to us to push the bar and make it shine.”

This is the second Ubisoft development team to be featured on the new web series by Sony. The developers of Ubisoft’s upcoming next gen title Watch Dogs were on the debut episode of Conversations with the Creators, and they had similar things to say about the Playstation 4’s power and developer-friendly design.

Ever since Sony’s debut of the PS4, different studios and developers have been coming out to say how much easier it is to work with the PS4 when compared to the nightmare that the PS3 was. It seems like Sony has really done something right with this new console.

You can check out the the Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag episode of Conversations with the Creators below.

Source: Gamespot

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