In a surprising turn of event, the wildly popular MMO RIFT, by Trion Worlds, will be going free to play starting June 12th. RIFT originally released in 2011 to critical praise and widespread success, and has been a favorite among MMO players ever since.

In a press release to all RIFT users, past and present, Trion Worlds said that the inclusion of a free to play model happened because of fan feedback over the last 2 years. Here is a excerpt from the release.

“Today I am here to announce another dramatic change to RIFT – a change brought on by player feedback from surveys, community postings, in-game reports, and passionately written emails over the last two years. Starting June 12, with the release of RIFT 2.3: Empyreal Assault, RIFT is opening its business model to include Free to Play. Subscriptions will continue as an option as well for players who want additional benefits.”

Trion Worlds makes it very clear that the full game will be available to those who choose to adopt the free to play model, “Every dungeon, every raid, every warfront, every level – the whole world will be open to players new and old with no barriers to entry.”

There will be some restrictions for free to play players though. Free to play will only allow players to have 2 starting character slots and 3 starting bag slots, while RIFT owners will have 6 starting character slots and 5 starting bag slots. Subscribers to the game will also get a few added perks once the switch to free to play is made, “Subscribers, known as Patrons, receive special bonuses to currency, mount speed, various types of experience, and more!”

So, all in all, this seems like a win for everyone. Subscribers get perks and extra stuff that they didn’t get before, and everyone who wanted to play RIFT but couldn’t afford it can now jump in and enjoy the game for free without content restrictions.

For those of you who are still curious about the change to free to play, you can catch Trion Worlds’ Free-to-Play Overview stream on the Trion Worlds’ Twitch TV channel,, at 11:30 central time on May 17th. During this session, the developers will be going over all the important facets and updates that all players will want to know about.

The studio also released a RIFT free to play developer diary, which you can see below.

Source: RIFT Game

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