Former president and CEO of Square Enix America, Mike Fischer, quit the company earlier this month. Fischer took over leadership of the American branch in 2010, and is now the vice president of digital Music and Video for Amazon in Japan. He noted that he was leaving on good terms, declining to discuss the reasons for leaving. Square Enix officials confirmed Fischer’s departure, and said that Phil Rogers, current CEO of Square Enix Europe, will take over the American branch as well.

At E3 last year, Fischer announced his plans for Square Soft America, mentioning that he wanted to move away from the bigger titles, and move towards smaller, more experimental titles. “I think we’re probably seeing the end of games like Dungeon Siege 3, which is being developed here at Square Enix in America – it was a fine game, but it’s not necessary for us to make games like this because I’ve got this incredible pipeline of product that’s coming from Japan,” Fischer said, “I’ve got these titles, many of which you see here, coming from Europe. I don’t need to duplicate that.

The idea for his group was to explore new business models and take bigger risks with smaller projects. The first glimpse we got of this was the first-person puzzle game Quantum Conundrum designed by Kim Swift. His plans were to include spending the company’s money on building up a core internal team of producers and engineers to support the independent studios that Square Enix was publishing for, rather than on creating studios.

Square Enix has had a rather rough past year. Earlier this month, the company announced that they had significant losses in the past fiscal year, blaming it on the “increasingly competitive and oligopolistic” console market. Officials also announced that they were unhappy with the sales of their three big titles, Sleeping Dogs, Tomb Raider, and Hitman: Absolution. Fishcer’s departure comes in the wake of rumors stating that the company was trying to end its mobile gaming efforts in North America. An official announced that, “any rumors about shutting down North American or US operations are not accurate.

Source: Polygon

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