With one of the largest video game conferences only weeks away developers and their teams are getting the final touches ready for their spot at E3. Today, some tweets posted by creator and director of the Metal Gear series, Hideo Kojima, hinted at a possible gameplay demonstration for Metal Gear Solid V.

In two tweets Kojima discussed a business trip, despite his tight schedule getting ready for June, assuming he is talking about E3. In his second tweet, which lends more credibility to the possibility of a gameplay demonstration Kojima says, “When it is open world, it is difficult to show a game play video in a short scale.”

While the title isn’t directly mentioned it is safe to assume that these tweets are directed towards the upcoming Metal Gear title. You can catch the pre-E3 show for Konami on June 6, it will be lived streamed on websites such as GameSpot, Gametrailers and on Xbox Live.

Source: Metal Gear Solid

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