The Oakland Raiders have announced on twitter that they have picked up punter Chris Kluwe. Although this is not a news source for football or any other sports, but it is a news source for all things gaming.

Kluwe was a Viking for six years, before being dropped to sign a new punter. Today he was signed to the raiders to replace their longtime kicker Shane Lechler.

If you don’t follow football, you may know Chris by his twitter name @Chriswarcraft. He is a longtime friend and band member with Game Informer’s Andrew Reiner in the band Tripping Icarus. You can find some articles on GI’s website, written by him, recently he weighed in with his views with EA’s SimCity online problems.

Kluwe is a well known former World of Warcraft player, playing a rouge in one of the best guilds in America back in Burning Crusade. He tweeted today the following tweet.


Here’s to the best for Chris, as any person in the industry deserves to be used to their best abilities…His just happens to be punting a football 60+ yards.

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