Customers who pre-order Ubisofts upcoming open-world action-adventure Watch Dogs with either Amazon or GameStop will receive an exclusive mission with their pre-order.  For those that pre-ordered with Amazon they will receive the Signature Shot Pack, this mission will require the player to sneak into the hideout of the Black Viceroys; a gang in Watch Dogs near-future Chicago setting.  The mission is to steal a package that will include a Biometric Assault Rifle and a Black Viceroys outfit for Aiden Pearce.

For those that pre-order the game through GameStop, they will receive the Palace Pack. This mission with task the player with wiping an internet millionaire’s hard drive before the police can get the data on it.  The Palace Pack also includes a bonus investigation as well as upgrades that provide extra cash for Pearce when he hacks ATM’s.   Also for those that pre-order the game with GameStop the pre-order comes with a poster drawn by comic artist Alex Ross.

Watch Dogs is set to hit stores shelves  on Nov 19th for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC,  and for next generation consoles  later in the holiday season.

Source: Polygon

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