Time Gate Studios, one of the developers of the monumental disaster that was Aliens: Colonial Marines, has fired it’s entire staff.

The mass firing comes one week after the company filed for bankruptcy protection and one month after the studio lost a fraud appeal case against Southpeak Interactive. Due to that lost fraud case, the studio is facing over $7 million in losses and will also lose the license for Section 8 as well.

Before everything hit the fan, Time Gate was working on a stylized free-to-play shooter for the PC called Minimum, but it seems like the projected may be adversely affected by the hard times that the studio has fallen on.

Prior to developing Aliens: Colonial Marines, Time Gate Studios was best known for developing the Extraction Point expansion for the original F.E.A.R game, as well as Section 8 and Section 8: Prejudice.

Hopefully Time Gate Studios will find a way to stay afloat, and perhaps one day they will be able to say that they successfully overcame the fallout from Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Source: Gamespot

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