The Will and Jaden Smith starring After Earth is now in theaters, but if you want to experience this science fiction film in a more interactive nature, you can grab the new mobile game based on it for iOS and Android devices. The After Earth game features the wildly popular endless runner gameplay made famous on handheld devices, and retails for $.99.

Based on early user reviews it seems that this movie based video game may be worth a try. If you’re interested in seeing what it looks like before you part with your precious digital dollar bill, you can meander on down past the break and take in its launch trailer. If you like what you see you can grab it for iOS devices here, and Android devices here.

After Earth the mobile game features:

  • Story Mode: race to beat 20 challenging missions and unlock secret levels in an all-new story inspired by the motion picture
  • Run, glide, zipline, and freefall through treacherous environments
  • Infinite Mode: explore dangerous yet beautiful environments while honing your skills: how far will you make it?
  • Fight human and alien enemies and encounter epic boss battles that take the endless runner genre to the next level
  • Experience life as a Ranger: don the Lifesuit, hop on your SkipJack and fight off assailants with the use of a Ranger’s greatest weapon, the Cutlass – an elegant and versatile weapon with 22 different configurations
  • Social components let you brag to your friends about your high scores

After Earth the Mobile Game Launch Trailer [HD]

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