Mark Pincus, CEO of Zynga, has recently announced that he will be receiving a salary of $1 in 2013. Pincus, named one of the worst CEOs in 2012 by the Bloomberg News Corporation, lead Zynga to a disastrous year in 2012. The company lost over $200 million and was subjected to copyright infringement lawsuits by EA, stating that Zynga’s The Ville was in direct copyright violation of EA’s property The Sims.

Zynga also offers an executive compensation package that Pincus has also opted out of, but fear not, Mark Pincus is in no immediate danger of losing his home. Pincus’ estimated net worth is about $1.8 billion.

Many of you may be wondering why a floundering company like Zynga would even offer an executive compensation plan after an abysmal 2012. Well here is a statement from the company about its new plan, “We believe that by focusing on both retention and performance, the compensation packages align with our strategy to build value for our stockholders.”

What do you think about Zynga? Do you like their games, or do you think they are too similar to other established titles that are already on the market?

Source: Gamespot

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