The developers for the DualShock 4 controller, reached out to Sony’s first-party developers and other developers, to find out exactly what they wanted out of the new controller. Sony’s developers believe the new controller will open new gameplay possibilities and make using the console more intuitive. There was a video released by Sony today, which discusses some of the new features of the controller.

Updated features:

  • Feel of the analog sticks.
  • Sensitivity of the triggers.

New features:

  • Light bar on the front can track the individual controllers. No more confusion when it comes to split screen, as far as who is on what side, the system will change to accommodate this. 
  • The touch pad on the top of the controller is a multi-touch pad. You are able to have interactions which are comfortable to play, whether it’s using your thumb, or your finger.
  • The new speaker on the controller adds more dynamic sound, much like the Wii controller. If you’re playing in a shooter, you’ll be able to hear the bullets whiz by you. Certain elements will still come out of the speakers on your television, but more personal ones will come from the speaker.
  • The new share button will allow you to record any gameplay, and then make a screenshot, or video and then share it with your friends.

All of these new and updated features still make the controller feel like a normal DualShock controller. So you won’t have to do much adjusting to get used to it!

Check out the video below!

Source: Polygon Image Source: TechIndustriya

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