In the land of Ancaria, which is now under attack, there are many creatures that do not want you alive. Sacred Citadel drops you and two of your friends straight in the middle of all the action. This game is your classic arcade side scrolling “beat ‘em up” style of game. The game, while fun, fell a bit short of expectations but nonetheless has some great features. I was lucky enough to have played through the game with our fantastic writer Nick C., and with a lot of potions, dead Mikes and a lot of gold spent…we saved the world.


Awesome start menu art continues through out the whole game.

Starting out in the game is easy enough. You can pick between a warrior, hunter, mage or shaman. Being obsessed with the range class in games, I went with the hunter. The opening cinematic is a visual stunner and relied very heavily on the art style, however, being so enthralled with the looks it drew some attention away from the story that was being told.

The story starts with Lord Zane’s evil Ashen Empire taking control of the town, in search for two sacred relics that are said to hold endless magical energy. Once the scene ends you are dropped into a bar and get straight into the action.


The bigger cut scenes have this beautiful art to help tell the story.

The fighting style relied heavily on using combos that would deal large amounts of damage to the enemy. While using combos can be great for those who have played the game being new we were slightly turned off. The combos were tough to execute but not because of the difficulty of the fights. Combos have to be done multiple times on one enemy or it would not execute them. This proved to cause some trouble and make it a bit difficult when you were in a tight situation where you had to execute the move quickly to avoid death.

Smaller enemies become tedious to attack and kill.

Combos aside, fighting in the game also became very tedious, in order to revive a teammate you have to be directly over them. This proves to be a bit dangerous if they are in the pit of battle and you are low on heath. The button for revive was also the button for a normal attack so positioning yourself had to be just right to get the revive.

Since it takes multiple combos to take an enemy out it proved to be a challenging game, especially in boss fights. During the boss fight you take on the main enemy with a flow of additional enemies being sent in. However, once you beat the boss down passed 50% of their health the backup enemies stopped spawning.

On the plus side, the game has a really well executed set of graphics and audio. The game is a visual experience, to say the least. The animation is beautiful and flows well with zero glitches or skips. The art style is what stands out the most of this game; it instantly reminded me of a polygonal version of Team Fortress 2 and is done perfectly. The game itself flows really smoothly as well. From battling to cut scenes that happen during a level it creates a good balance for the game. The cut scenes that happen during a level is a standard text box but gives you a detailed portrait of the individual speaking on the right side of the dialog box. The voice acting is really nice to listen to as well, especially with the non-human characters. The creativity that goes into the acting really helps make the game better than other games of its kind.

Cool and interesting dialog boxes to go with the story.

Multiplayer is very fun despite the clunky feel of the fighting. When you are playing with someone else, it is great to just unload your characters specific special moves on a boss. Comparing gear and weapons is just as fun as it always has been. Going into the local town where you are able to buy new weapons and armor is fun with the NPC who offers a way to bet and gamble your hard earned gold. The multiplayer aspect also makes it fun when a new weapon drops because it’s a scramble for both players to finish killing the enemies and see what new gear they may have earned.

Easy and simple to see if a weapon is an upgrade.

Weapons in the game have to be some of the most creative and interesting things I have seen. Weapons can have elemental spells bound to them, so fire, electricity and other elements can strike down your opponent in a lovely fashion. It is easy to tell if the weapon is an upgrade, with a nice little box showing the stats, and a green arrow pointing to the higher number if it is an increase on your stats.

Overall, I had a very fun time playing Sacred Citadel through with Nick and even with some of the problems, the game play and the button mashing makes it worthwhile to try out. The awesome graphics and the interesting story line that Sacred Citadel takes you on is awesome and will set you up for the upcoming Sacred Citadel 3. Definitely pick this game up if you are looking for a fun game to play with a few friends, because it will be worth it as you take on the 5 acts of the game.

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