Today, Microsoft announced the sale of its IPTV (internet protocol television) service ‘Mediaroom’ to tech developer Ericsson. Microsoft said that they will now be able to concentrate 100% on its consumer TV strategy that it is working on for the Xbox.

“Microsoft is dedicating all TV resources to Xbox in a continued mission to make it the premium entertainment service,” says Yusuf Mehdi, senior vice president of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business.

Mehdi went on to say that the Xbox TV service is not limited to only the console itself; the vision for the project extends to phones, tablet computers, and PCs.

Mehdi says that Microsoft is doing everything they can to ensure that Xbox brings innovation on both the gaming and entertainment front, “We will partner with content creators, studios, labels, networks, content aggregators, operators and distributors to make this happen. We believe the future of home entertainment is one where TV becomes more simple, tailored and intelligent. We believe the best is yet to come for this industry.”

Microsoft’s work towards a more immersive Xbox experience took a step forward earlier this year when the company opened a Los Angeles based studio to concentrate on making “true interactive content for Xbox.”

No official word on an announcement for the new Xbox, but if the rumor mill proves true, we can expect an announcement in the next two months.

Source: Computer and Video Games  Image Source: Microsoft

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