Vancouver-based video game designer Taylan Kadayifcioglu, has created an auto controlled simulation of the hypersensitivity common to Autism. The game was created within twelve hours last month during Vancouver’s Hacking Health Hackathon.

Players wander an active playground, filled with children laughing and using the equipment. When the user gets too close to the crowd, the situation becomes overwhelming. The children’s laughter becomes loud and unpleasant, their faces  distorting. To escape the situation, users must move to a more secluded section of the playground.


Kadayifcioglu, after the game received mild criticism for not including someone with autism on the team, has promised to fix that problem. They plan to further illustrate autism in a future expanded game that will be made free to the public. Titles designated to individuals with autism are nothing new, but Kadayifcioglu’s title is one of the first designed to help generate empathy and awareness.

Source: Autism Awareness

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