As a big fan of Star Wars, the news has broke that a new possible game is in the process of being made. Although the game is nearly finished, there is an uncertain future for the next possible competitor to Call of Duty and Battlefield.

As Disney bought and now controls Lucasarts, the creators of all previous Star Wars games, they have put a freeze on all Star Wars games until they can figure out what to do with the series. The planned release date for the new downloadable Star Wars: First Assault may end up being pushed back from the spring. The company has released two small clips teasing the game, in which the graphics have been improved greatly, as the source who released the clips has said.

Star Wars First Assault Pre-rendered Intro by AGBLeaks
That is the intro teaser for the game, which is just a storm trooper putting on a helmet for combat, but the second clip below seems to show Star Wars is moving away from the Battlefront ideas of playing as Jedis, Siths, and other major character classes within the universe.

Star Wars First Assault Footage by AGBLeaks

As soon as more information released about the game, we will bring the news as fast as we can to you!


Source: Kotaku

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