Apparently the WiiU sales aren’t as good as Nintendo hoped they would be, so after a less then stellar launch, Nintendo is hoping that the price cut at various European Retailers will help increase sales. Some places like Gamestop , Amazon and other various electronic stores have discounted the WiiU up to 50 pounds. Well apparently retailer HMV have price slashed the WiiU Premium bundle by 140 pounds! Now there were earlier attempts to get the WiiU to sell more which is why the first price cut happened, but after the price cut failed, Nintendo has promised to address the dismal sales and figure out ways to help sell the console more but retailers in the UK are rumored to dedicate less space to the WiiU and stop purchasing as many units. So it might become harder to buy a WiiU in Europe due to the lack of support and lack of games. The software side of the things is probably whats effecting the WiiU sales since the great games are few and far between, it will be up to Nintendo to figure out a way to help gamers look at the WiiU and actually purchase it.

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