Bioware’s Mass effect 3‘s final single player DLC Citadel will be split into two separate downloads for Xbox 360 users. The content, according to a recent Bioware blog, was just too large for one download on Microsoft’s console! Playstation 3 and PC users are only required to download one pack.

“The first pack is priced at $14.99 and the second pack is tagged as free. Players need to purchase and download pack 1, then download pack 2 at no additional cost. You can download pack 2 without purchasing pack one, but the DLC will not work. You will get an error message in game asking you to download pack 1. It will say: This DLC will only work in conjunction with Part 1 of Mass Effect 3: Citadel, which is split across 2 downloadable packages. Please purchase Part 1 prior to downloading Part 2 at no additional cost. This will not hurt your saved game but you will not be able to launch Citadel until you have both packs.”

Dark Horse has also announced a new comic, Foundation, to the line of Mass Effect comic series! The specific story behind Foundation has yet to be revealed, but writer Mac Walters confirmed that the plot will tie in with the final Citadel DLC and will feature a brand new, strong female lead. Mass Effect: Foundation will release as a twelve issue story, making it the lengthiest entry to the franchise.

“ We’ve consciously tried to make sure there will be some connections. Without getting into the details, I think the simplest thing to say is, as I said before, we are very character-based in the way we tell stories.”- Walters.

Check out the launch trailer for Mass Effect 3: Citadel!

Video Synopsis: Embark on one last adventure with your team in Mass Effect 3: Citadel. When a sinister conspiracy targets Commander Shepard, you and your team must uncover the truth, through battles and intrigue that range from the glamour of the Citadel’s Wards to the top-secret Council Archives. Uncover the truth and fight alongside your squad — as well as the cast from the original Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, including Urdnot Wrex!

Citadel releases in most areas tomorrow, March 5th for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC! Make sure to to pick it up and let us know what you think!

Source(s): Bioware Blog, Forbes